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Harriette knew her teeth were failing for many years.

As the back teeth were lost she placed implants for future use.

She functioned with only the front teeth for many years.

She spread out the costs over time and planned for eventual full replacement.

When she was ready to proceed with the rest of her treatment... the remaining front teeth were removed, additional implants placed, and fixed healing plastic teeth were placed until the new implants integrated. This is called "teeth in a day". Harriette woke up to a brand new smile.

After several months of healing Harriette had her final ceramic teeth placed with no freezing required.


Tyler's lateral incisor teeth never developed. As a result, all of his other teeth drifted forward out of position. The pointy canine teeth are normally in the corners of the smile. In this case the pointy canine teeth have drifted forward. All of his back teeth have also drifted forward out of position.

The teeth were positioned properly using removable appliances and braces. The appliances can be removed for easy cleaning and make it much easier on the patient. Speech is not normally a problem, and the appliances gently positions the teeth where they need to go.

The patient choose bridges over implants. All ceramic bridges were placed.

Start to finish the implants took 2 weeks!


This was a very complex restoration for Bob. He required several extractions as multiple teeth could not be saved.

We restored his smile with 4 implants, one all ceramic bridge, and multiple all ceramic crowns.

The lower front teeth are originals.

89 years young and now some new teeth to improve that beautiful smile.


James clenches his teeth and was concerned about his teeth chipping and breaking.

He also wanted his teeth to appear brighter.

This transformation was done with all ceramic crowns. No braces were needed to even this great smile.


Our patient used to smile with her lips closed because of the dark stains on her front teeth. The stains were caused by congenital defects with her natural enamel. Her enamel was chipping away and breaking down which left her teeth vulnerable to deep staining.

In two weeks we were able to whiten her teeth and add 'all ceramic' crowns.

Now she smiles with her lips wide open.


As a teenager, Rustin was taken to orthodontist for braces.
Unfortunately, due to a severe gag reflex he could not tolerate two years in braces.

Rustin was a great candidate for sedation for dentistry. Dr. Lachman was able to show him a visualization of what his teeth would look like before the procedure was started. With some careful planning, Rustin’s teeth were straightened in 2 weeks not 2 years.

7 lower all ceramic crowns were used to straighten crooked teeth without braces. Gum grafting was done to correct gum recession on upper canine tooth and individual all ceramic crowns done to correct crowding.

No extractions were needed and all work was done over the course of two visits while patient was sedated.


Sonia suffered TMJ pain her entire life.

Her regular dentist did not know how to help her.

She was referred to an orthodontists who provided mouth guards that did not help her at all.

She tried at least 3 - 4 mouthguards and splints but nothing helped.

She was then referred to Calgary to have an oral surgeon do jaw surgery on her.

The jaw surgery did not work either and she continued to live with chronic jaw pain.

In our office a thorough examination process pointed to a diagnosis of a temporal mandibular joint disorder.

Therapy was aimed at stabilizing the overactive facial and jaw muscles, properly positioning both jaw joints, and then rebuilding the worn teeth to support everything.

The results can be dramatic.


Jim always wanted a nice smile. Now he has an amazing smile thanks to implants that replaced his missing teeth.

All ceramic crowns were used to strengthen and restore his original teeth.


Judy's lower lip did not open properly when she smiled. Instead of a nice curve of the lower lip, she had a bump in the middle and requested cosmetic improvements.

All ceramic crowns done to improve the bite position and restore the teeth to a whiter smile.

The crowns were used to give a white even smile and covered the yellow of the dark tooth to match the adjacent teeth.

By changing the position of her lower jaw (non surgically) the lower lip is now in the correct position.


Many of this patient's adult teeth never formed. As a result, many of the teeth that did form, grew in the wrong place and shifted position over time.

Implants replaced the missing teeth and braces made sure they were properly spaced.


Dr. Lachman restored Alma's upper 8 front teeth and her 4 lower front teeth to close the gaps so the teeth look even and symmetrical.

Alma's gums were reshaped so the ceramic crowns look natural.

If you only widen the two front teeth then the balance of the smile is off. Dr. Lachman widened several teeth to make the smile look even and symmetrical.


This patient neglected his teeth due to a fear of the dentist. Severe decay developed over time.

Sedation for dentistry allowed many small appointments to be combined into one longer visit that was comfortable for him

Lower implants were added to replace the back teeth.

Ceramic bridges to replace the upper back teeth

All ceramic crowns to strengthen and reinforce remaining teeth.


This beautiful smile was created with the help of orthodontics.

Age is not a factor for braces

The oldest patient Dr. Lachman did braces on was 76 when the braces went on and 78 when they came off. That lady went on to live to 101 and her teeth were beautiful and straight like she always wanted.


Jeff did not want to spend two years in braces. With ceramic crowns Dr. Lachman was able to straighten his smile in two weeks instead of two years.

All ceramic crowns were used on the top front 10 teeth. Laser gum reshaping was done so restorations would look lifelike.


Chelsie felt that she showed too much gum tissue when she smiled. Her teeth were short and tipped inward.

With laser gum reshaping, Dr. Lachman was able to remove the excess gum tissue. Ceramic crowns were done on the top front teeth. The crowns were tipped more toward the lip for a more natural smile. Now her teeth are taller and Chelsie has a more beautiful smile.


When you are missing back teeth, you rely on using your front teeth to chew your food. Front teeth are meant to bite off food, they are not designed to grind up food. Therefore, the front teeth wear down rapidly and chip away over time.

This patient chose not to save his remaining upper teeth that were severely worn with exposed nerves. Dr. Lachman removed the last few upper teeth remaining and added a complete upper denture and Des now has a perfectly functioning, great smile.


The dark line from metal bridges on Pam's teeth did not look lifelike. Old bridges have metal underneath for strength. The metal blocks the reflective qualities of the porcelain so the prosthetic do not look like real enamel does.

Pam also had a space behind her canine tooth always caught food and annoyed her.

All ceramic bridges were used to get rid of the darkness and Dr. Lachman closed the gap behind the canine so food no longer collected in the space.

In 2 visits, Pam was given a dramatic improvement to her smile. The new bridges look and feel like natural teeth and her gums are healthy around them.

After Photo of new Ceramic Bridges From Cool Dental.


This patient had short teeth that were flattened from years of grinding. He also had red swollen gums (gingivitis)

All white ceramic crowns were added. No dark metal margins visible because no metal was used.

Gum reshaping was done to allow all ceramic crowns to emerge from the gums as normal so you can not tell that there used to be spaces between some teeth. His teeth are now taller, and a more proportional size.


Allison had severe crowding on her top and lower arch. Her bite was the reverse of normal position and her canine teeth flared out toward lip. Gum disease (gingivitis) was taking hold as it was very difficult to clean her crowded teeth.

With braces, Allison's teeth were moved into proper position. They are now well aligned. Her smile is balanced and everything functions as it should.


Carl lost all 4 lower incisors and had a damaged upper central from a basketball accident as a young adult.

The upper front tooth was yellow/brown and discoloured as a result of the trauma. You cannot whiten a tooth discoloured from trauma. All ceramic crowns were used on the upper teeth to hide the dark colour.

Ceramic bridges replaced missing lower front teeth without a partial denture.

Non removable replacement teeth. Look like teeth, chew like teeth and feel like your own teeth

All dental work was done over 2 visits approximately 1 month apart

Carl was asleep for each visit so he was very comfortable and does not remember having the work completed.

All photos on this page are of Dr. Lachman’s patients and/or treatment completed by Dr. Lachman.

Photographs are for informational purposes only because individual treatment results will vary from patient to patient.

Some patients may not be candidates for treatment. Photos on this page demonstrate what treatment results may be possible.

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