Why Wear a SportsGuard When Playing Sports?

Wearing a sportsguard while playing sports is important to prevent dental and jaw related injuries. When a sportsguard is worn (and fits properly), it helps provide protection for the hard (teeth and jaw) and soft (lips, cheeks, gums) tissues of the mouth by absorbing and redistributing the forces generated by traumatic blows.

I recommend a custom made sportsguard when playing any type of sport where contact is involved. Custom sportsguards are regarded as the most protective and comfortable type of guard. Therefore, the athlete is more likely to wear their sportsguard. Custom sport guards only fit the athlete it was made for and the athlete is still able to speak quite clearly.

Boil and bite sportsguards are not recommended as they do not fit properly, move around and the athlete must clench their teeth together to keep it in. Protection is minimal. Often you will see athletes with the guard half in and half of out their mouths.

For the following sports, it is imperative a custom made sportsguard is worn for maximum protection; football, boxing, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, basketball, water polo, martial arts and wrestling. As well, athletes in sports such as; skateboarding, baseball, racquetball, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics and skiing are also at risk for injury and a sportsguard is also recommended.

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