Yellow teeth cause and prevention

Do you have yellow teeth? Do you feel less confident because of the colour of your teeth?

Yellow teeth might happen for many reasons, including genetics, smoking, and grinding, among others. It can also be a sign of a health condition that needs to be addressed. And, more often than not, you may have considered getting rid of your teeth-whitening treatments.

But before you try teeth whitening, you should first understand the causes of yellow teeth so that you can choose the best dental treatment and prevention.

What are the Causes of Yellow Teeth

Although having yellow teeth is usually caused by genetics, it could also be the result of poor dental habits and food choices. And it may stem from one or more of the following reasons:

  • Genetics

  • Smoking

  • Food/drinks

  • Ageing

  • Poor oral hygiene

Genetics. Genetics can impact the colour of your teeth. It might be possible that you inherited teeth that have naturally yellow enamel. For instance, if your parents’ teeth are yellow, yours will likely have the same colour.

Keep in mind that it is the enamel that covers your tooth and gives it a white colour. If you have thin tooth enamel, you are more likely to have yellow teeth. Fortunately, if you think you have genetically yellow teeth, you can treat them by using whitening strips or seeking professional teeth bleaching.

Smoking. When you smoke, you expose your teeth to nicotine and tobacco. And as a result, yellow teeth are likely to happen. It stains your teeth and can turn them darker over time.

So, if you have a bad smoking habit and notice that your teeth are turning yellow, it's a sign that you should quit.

Food/drinks. A wide variety of foods and beverages stain teeth, with brightly coloured foods and beverages being the most common culprits.

The most common foods and drinks that can cause yellow teeth are sweets, gummy candies, tomato sauces, coffee, tea, red wine, berries, fruit juices, soy sauce, curry, balsamic vinegar, and sports drinks.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t eat or drink any of them. The key is to brush your teeth after consuming these foods and drinks and to make sure that you floss right away.

Ageing. When you get older, your teeth may eventually turn yellow as the enamel wears away from exposure to acids from foods and drinks. It is a natural part of the ageing process, which seems inevitable.

The enamel gradually gets thinner, and this lets the yellow-coloured dentin underneath appear, which can make your teeth look stained.

Poor oral hygiene. While there are causes of yellow teeth that are beyond your control, there are also some that are due to your negligence, and when you have poor oral hygiene, your teeth are prone to discolouration and stains.

When you do not regularly brush, floss, and rinse your mouth, it may cause tartar and plaque buildup, which can hasten teeth discolouration.

Other causes of yellow teeth are underlying medical conditions, medications, injury, and trauma.

How to Prevent Yellow Teeth

There are various things you can do to protect your teeth and prevent yellow teeth.

First, practise good oral health. Make sure to brush your teeth twice each day, floss daily, and use a mouth rinse. These are good options for minimizing stains between your teeth. And after eating anything acidic or sugary, brush within 30 minutes to an hour to protect your enamel. Remember that regular brushing and flossing will keep your teeth free of stain-causing substances.

Second, make some lifestyle changes. It’s never too late to quit smoking. It will not only prevent yellow teeth but also improve your health and reduce smoking-related illnesses such as cancer, lung disease, and heart disease.

Third, see a dentist. It’s always best to consult a dentist to keep your teeth in good health. And here at Cool Dental, we’d love to give you a new dental experience. We believe that when dental problems are discovered early on, treatment is likely to be simpler and less painful.

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