Braces For Children

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Orthodontic Care for Children

Early orthodontic care helps ensure proper mouth development. It helps your child maintain a straight, healthy set of teeth. At Cool Dental in Lethbridge area, we offer braces for kids. Learn more about it through an initial consultation with Dr. Lachman.

Kids may need braces due to crooked, overcooked, or overlapping teeth. These problems can arise due to various reasons. It can be due to habits such as finger sucking, premature loss of baby teeth, genetics, poor dental care habits, or poor nutrition.

Going for a dental check-up will help your dentist see if there are any issues with your child’s teeth. An orthodontic check doesn’t mean that your child will need to undergo treatments right away. Your dentist will discuss with you when your child will need braces or any orthodontic treatment.

Braces for children can be costly. That’s why our dental team recommends routine dental appointments so we can start caring for your child’s teeth early on. We can prevent the need for orthodontic procedures. But in case your child does need braces, we’re here to assist you.

Signs That Your Child May Need Orthodontic Treatment

  1. Thumb sucking or use of pacifiers
  2. Protruding or overlapping teeth
  3. Crowded teeth
  4. Missing or losing baby teeth too early
  5. Speech difficulties
  6. Chewing and eating difficulties
  7. Jaws that make sound
  8. Teeth grinding or clenching
  9. Having a small mouth
  10. Scalloped or indented tongue

Advantages of Dental Braces for Children

When to Take Kids for an Orthodontic Consultation

You don’t have to wait until all your child’s adult teeth have erupted. By the age of 7, you can start taking your child for an orthodontic consultation.

Facial development is usually already 90% complete by the age of 12. This can make teeth straightening more difficult, although still possible.

We recommend booking an appointment with Dr. Lachman. We’ll examine and monitor your child’s teeth first, and determine whether early intervention is necessary.

Learn More About Dental Braces for Kids in Lethbridge Area

Orthodontic treatment for kids isn’t for cosmetic purposes alone. Our dental team is here to help you care for your child’s oral health better. To learn more about orthodontic issues or dental braces for kids, please contact us today to book your initial consultation with our Lethbridge dentist.