Dental Emergency

Emergency Dental Services in Lethbridge, Alberta

What to Do During a Dental Emergency

If you feel you need immediate treatment, we recommend calling our dental office to confirm at !

Nobody expects a dental emergency to arise, but it’s helpful to learn what to do in such an event.

Here at Cool Dental in Lethbridge, we do our best to see you the same day you call about a dental emergency. And if we can’t schedule you immediately, we can offer advice over the phone while you wait to see the dentist.

Are You In Pain?

Contact us if you have a dental emergency!

Dental Emergency Services in Lethbridge

Our dental emergency services are open to anyone. We'll see you even if you haven’t been to our office before.

Usually we’re able to treat dental emergencies the same day. We can also perform necessary treatments such as fillings or bonding. If the tooth is infected, we can provide a root canal treatment or extraction.

We need to examine the tooth to identify the best step to take. We might need to take X-rays or else refer to recent ones.

Our priority is to eliminate your pain and discomfort. Once you feel better, we can discuss a long-term dental care plan. We’ll recommend necessary treatments but won’t pressure you if you’re not ready.

Seek Treatment for Your Dental Emergency Today

Time is critical in saving a tooth. Our dental team in Lethbridge will do our best to accommodate you immediately. Call us today at .