Manage your dental anxiety naturally with NuCalm

dental-sedation-nucalm-relaxing-lethbridgeNuCalm is a technology that relaxes your body and mind by bringing you to the first stage of sleep – the transition between wakefulness and sleep. In this sleep phase your brain waves slow down, but you are not really asleep.

These slower brain waves allow you to remain conscious and able to speak and respond, but you are mentally and physically unable to become anxious.

Expect sleepy sensations

A NuCalm experience is very similar to what you experience every night when you go to bed. As you start to drift off, you go through what’s known as the Alpha sleep stage.

During this sleep stage, when you are not quite asleep, it’s common to experience sensations known as hypnagogic hallucinations. These are some of the sensations you can expect with a NuCalm treatment;

  • Feeling like you are falling
  • Hearing someone call your name
  • Slight, involuntary twitches and
  • Daydreams

Long lasting effects

The added bonus of a NuCalm treatment is the effects can last for hours, even days, after your appointment leaving you feeling calm and balanced. Because NuCalm relaxes your nerves and your muscles, it can also relieve tension in your head, neck, and upper back muscles.

It’s important to note that NuCalm is not a drug or narcotic and, because of that, it doesn’t cause any negative side effects. That means you can head back to work after your treatment or drive yourself home because you won’t need extra time to recuperate.

dental-sedation-nucalm-lethbridgeHow does it work?

NuCalm helps to soothe your dental anxiety in 4 simple steps.

  1. You chew dietary supplements that calm you with nutrient-sourced building blocks that counteract your body’s release of adrenaline. The result is fast, natural relaxation.
  2. Microcurrent stimulation patches that are placed behind your ears to bring you to relaxation more easily.
  3. Noise-dampening headphones that use neuro acoustic software and music to slow your brain waves to a pre-sleep stage of 8Hz -12Hz per second.
  4. Light-blocking glasses that block out visual stimuli and help maintain your relaxed NuCalm state.

Overcome your dental anxiety

Professional dental treatment is very important for good oral health.If you dread your trip to the dentist, NuCalm may help alleviate your dental anxiety. Many patients who have undergone a NuCalm dental treatment, said they would recommend it to their friends and family.

If you would like to learn more about NuCalm or other dental sedation options, please contact us.