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Are you embarrassed by your smile? Try teeth whitening

Your smile is one of the first things people notice, and an attractive one is something many of us want. If you have been hiding yours because of tooth discolouration, there are options.

Lethbridge dentist Dr. Karstan Lachman: “Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatment options for a whiter smile.”

Why do teeth discolour?

Staining, aging, or chemical damage can cause tooth enamel to become discolored. Some of the more common causes of staining are:

  • coffee
  • tea
  • medications (for example, Tetracycline)
  • smoking
  • cola drinks
  • red wine

If you are considering teeth whitening, we recommend having a professional cleaning first. That’s because, in many cases, the best whitening results are achieved when your teeth are healthy and clean.

Whiten your teeth at home

Our in-home technique involves the creation of a custom-fitted tray. Place a small amount of whitening gel in it and wear it briefly each day. Depending on your situation, you’ll wear the tray for a few hours during the day, or while sleeping.

It’s a fairly quick process, with final results in one to two weeks, and is the least expensive smile whitener which offers good results. Over the counter whitening products you buy at your local drug store don’t achieve the same effect as a dentist supervised teeth whitening treatment. That’s because the bleaching solution is not as strong.

teeth-whitening2-lethbridgeHow white can teeth become?


You want a white smile, but you don’t want to look like you have Chiclets instead of teeth!

Typically, your front teeth are the whitest, your eye teeth are the darkest, and molars are a shade between the two. The results of teeth whitening depends on their current condition, structure and the type of procedure used. By working with Dr Lachman, you be able to find the procedure or combination of procedures will work best for you.



How long does teeth whitening last?


Teeth will be their whitest immediately after a teeth whitening treatment. Stains do accumulate over time. The rate you’ll acquire new stains will depend on if, or how often, you smoke, drink coffee, or consume other teeth staining foods or drinks. Over time, your teeth will slowly fade and return to their original color, usually over the course of about a year.

To keep your teeth at their whitest, we recommend re-treating your smile once or twice every six months. The best time to schedule this is after your professional cleaning.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary depending upon the type of whitening treatment used and the number of treatments required. Most dental plans do not cover the cost of teeth whitening procedures.


Are you a candidate?

For most people, teeth whitening is not only safe, it’s very effective. If you would like to know what the best teeth whitening procedure is for you, contact our office for a teeth whitening consultation.

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