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What is a TMJ Orthotic Appliance?

Here at Cool Dental in Lethbridge area, we offer treatment options for temporomandibular joint disorder. This includes the use of TMJ orthotic appliances.

A TMJ orthotic appliance is designed to correct the position of the lower jaw. Also called a bite splint, it’s an acrylic device that helps relax and balance the jaw joints and muscles. It also helps align the muscles and skeletal systems located at the head, neck, shoulders, and back.

Note that the TMJ orthotic device is different from the teeth grinding or bruxism appliance. The latter is made to alleviate symptoms of bruxism and is fitted over your upper or lower teeth.

Advantages of a TMJ Orthotic Appliance

Like any other dental appliance, the TMJ orthotic can also wear over time. Once your jaw muscles relax and your TMJ symptoms have minimized, you may proceed to phase 2 of your treatment option.

The goal this time is to make the balance in your bite more permanent. We can include other restorative dental treatments, such as crown placement, on this phase.

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Steps Involved in Treating Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Complex cases of TMJ disorder can include two treatment phases.

For the first phase, you’ll be using an orthotic device. We also analyze your bite, check the position of the jaw bone, and identify which muscles are causing the pain and discomfort.

These steps help us to determine where the orthotic should be placed and for how long you need to wear it. We’ll monitor your symptoms to see if they’re disappearing and check with you how the device helps relieve any pain or discomfort.

For the second phase, we may recommend wearing a long-term orthotic appliance, which is made of more durable materials to withstand wear and tear. We may also replace missing teeth or recommend getting orthodontic treatments, such as braces.

Depending on the condition of your mouth and jaw, we can also include crowns and veneers in your treatment plan.

Don’t feel overwhelmed as we’ll be taking things one step at a time. We’ll first have to get you out of pain and go from there. We must identify the source of the pain to effectively address the symptoms.

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