Mercury-Free Dental Fillings

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How the Procedure Works

A dental filling is used to close off holes or cavities in the tooth. It keeps bacteria from spreading and helps the tooth regain its strength. Sealing a tooth is a simple procedure and helps you prevent the need for complex treatments down the road.

Your dentist will first examine the decay with the help of x-rays. You’ll be given a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. If you feel anxious about the use of needles, let your dentist know right away.

Your dentist will remove the decay and clean the tooth. Then, etch the tooth with acid. Afterward, filling material will be applied and hardened using a special light.

The final step is polishing the surface of the tooth.

The local anesthetic will wear off quickly. You can then resume your normal daily activities.

Types of Dental Fillings

At Cool Dental, we look at the severity of the decay, any allergies you may have, and the location of the tooth to determine the ideal filling material.

Here are common materials used for dental fillings:

Another restorative filling material is dental amalgam, which contains mercury and other metals. Dental amalgam fillings have long been used in dentistry and are backed by authorities as a safe and effective material.

Our team uses mercury-free dental fillings and we're happy to discuss them with you during your consultation.

Are You In Pain?

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Who Needs Dental Fillings

During your dental exams, we’ll take a look at your teeth to see if there are cavities that need to be filled. We may also use x-rays to closely examine the affected area. We’ll then recommend treatment depending on the extent of the decay.

If you have existing metal fillings, we can replace them if they’re no longer in good condition. It can be difficult to determine on your own whether you need fillings that’s why we encourage patients to go for routine dental checkups.

Cracks and gaps between teeth can be painless. But if not treated, they can become breeding spaces for harmful bacteria. The infection can then spread to other teeth and lead to tooth loss and jaw issues.

Getting Dental Fillings in the LethBridge Area

Whether or not you have dental fillings, it’s important to see your dentist regularly to monitor your oral health. A comprehensive dental hygiene routine will protect your teeth against dental issues. Let’s help you and your family maintain healthy teeth. For more information about getting dental fillings in the Lethbridge area, contact our dental team today at .