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Durable missing teeth solution


Healthy roots are just as important for teeth as they are for trees

A solid root structure is instrumental in maintaining healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Damaged roots can lead to:

  • tooth rot
  • infection
  • decay
  • tooth loss
  • bone loss

When teeth are removed or missing, the jaw bone heals by collapsing inwards upon itself. Unless tooth roots are there to stimulate the jawbone when you chew, it will continue to shrink away.  Bone loss is painless, and can occur to anyone who is missing teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth. The implant itself acts as an anchor for the replacement tooth, or crown. It is surgically inserted into the jawbone and then the false tooth, which dentists refer to as a “pontic”, is attached.

Durable missing teeth solution made of titanium

Made of titanium alloy, dental implants fuse with your jaw bone to create a strong support structure, and hold your replacement tooth to your jaw securely. Dental implants utilize the same technology and techniques that medicine uses for hip and knee replacements.

Dental implants are a healthy, durable treatment option to replace missing teeth in any area of your mouth.

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Implants come in three types

The first type is called a root form implant. It is a screw type of dental implant which is inserted directly into the jawbone, under the gums.

The second type is called a plate form implant. It  is similar to a root form implant, except a plate form implant is set directly on top of the jawbone, under the gums. This type of implant is used when the jawbone is too narrow or too short to accept a root form implant.

The third type of dental implant  is called a subperiosteal implant.  It is a custom-made, artificial jawbone.  It is utilized when the jawbone is severely deteriorated. This type of implant is an intricate, surgical procedure. Fortunately, many patients do just fine with either a root or plate form implant.

The problem with dentures

While dentures are an effective tooth replacement treatment, they come with a catch-22 complication. Dentures need good bone to support them, keep them in place and ensure the fit is as good as it can be. But, without the stimulation of teeth with roots chewing, the jawbone deteriorates. That’s why bone loss occurs under a denture, and, without a good bone structure,  your dentures cannot fit as well.

Over time, as your jawbone shrinks, your dentures don’t stay in place very well and the fit becomes less comfortable. To counter the bone shrinking, your dentures need to be thicker to support your lips and face. Thick dentures are often more difficult to wear unless they are secured with dental implants.

If you already have significant bone loss, there are special implants that can provide very good retention and comfort for your false teeth and stop future bone loss.

Act early!

You need teeth for facial support and function, and jawbone retention. When you are missing teeth, you can lose jawbone width fairly quickly.

The sooner you replace missing teeth with dental implants the simpler the process usually is. If you wait, you may get less than ideal results – often at a higher cost.

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Dental implants can be used to replace one missing tooth or several. Dental implants can also support bridges and dentures to help retain as much healthy jawbone as possible, and keep your oral health and your appearance as good as they can be.

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