COVID -19 update • WE ARE NOW OPEN! Your health and well-being continues to be our top priority.

COVID -19 update • WE ARE NOW OPEN! Your health and well-being continues to be our top priority.

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Losing teeth affects a person's self-esteem, health, and life quality. Teeth need to be replaced not only due to aesthetic reasons alone. Missing a tooth or teeth can also take a toll on your oral health.

Surrounding teeth may drift out of their proper position and you may experience bite issues as a result. And because your teeth are working harder, they also run the risk of premature wear. You may also feel discomfort in your jaw.

Here at Cool Dental in Lethbridge, we offer options to replace missing teeth. Dentures are the most common option but they have to fit perfectly or they might cause problems for the wearer over time.

Poor-fitting dentures can make you skip nutritious food, such as vegetables, to avoid the discomfort associated with heavy chewing. They can also cause sores in your mouth, making eating and speaking difficult.

Our dental team helps you restore your teeth by recommending the most suitable option for your condition. If you would like to know more about how dentures work, please contact us today at (403) 382-2273 to book your initial consultation.

Types of Dentures

Your dentist will monitor how your gums are healing to see if you’re ready to receive your dentures. Once you already have your dentures, let your dentist know if there are still any sore areas. These spots have to be eliminated by relining your dentures.

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How to Care for Your Dentures

Dentures can also accumulate plaque and tartar, which can eventually lead to gum issues and even bad breath. If not treated, the plaque can spread to your natural teeth.

Clean your dentures regularly using denture cleaner or mild soap, and avoid abrasive cleaning agents.

It also helps to massage your mouth when not wearing your dentures. If you feel pain in your gums when brushing, switch to a toothbrush with softer bristles or run your toothbrush under warm water before use.

Keep your dentures where they’ll be safe from falling at height or being squeezed too tightly. Let your dentist know right away should they get damaged.

Don’t miss out on your regular dental hygiene cleanings and exams so your dentist can check your gums for any signs of issues.

Are Dentures the Right Option to Replace My Missing Teeth?

We encourage you to book an initial consultation so Dr. Lachman can examine your mouth and determine which teeth replacement option will work best for you. Other options may also be possible, such as implant-supported dentures or dental implants.

Let’s find out which option is for you.


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